Biden Held To Account Over Vendetta Against Monoclonal Antibodies

Joe Biden’s obsession with making healthcare decisions for Americans is alarming. This president made critical promises regarding COVID. The first promise was that he’d defeat the virus, and the second promise was he wouldn’t mandate COVID vaccines.

As Americans are very much aware, Biden breaches both of these commitments he made to the country during the 2020 presidential election. If Biden’s done anything for COVID, he’s worsened the pandemic.

More Americans have died from this virus than they have under Trump on his watch. It is a well-documented fact that even the CDC has been forced to admit on their official website.

Biden’s vaccine mandates have been repeatedly shut down, blocked, and stopped by the courts. However, despite all of this president’s emphasis on COVID vaccines, monoclonal antibodies exist as a means of providing healthcare to people who test positive for COVID.

However, because monoclonal antibodies don’t fit into Biden’s tyrannical, forced vaccination agenda, he’s doing everything possible to limit access to these treatments.

As Newsmax reports, Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis has a thing or two to say about this.

On Monday, DeSantis called upon the increasingly unpopular 46th president to do the right thing and grant Florida access to life-saving monoclonal antibodies.

The Florida governor asserted the US government had made it so that states cannot directly access these treatments from the companies that produce them. Instead, Biden has made it so that states have to get approval from the US Department of Health and Human Services before they’re able to access monoclonal antibodies.

Of course, the US Department of Health and Human Services is under Biden’s thumb and in no hurry to give out these treatments due to the ongoing forced vaccination agenda.

The Florida governor pointed out that Biden denying states access to these treatments makes it harder for healthcare providers to serve their patients best. Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott also had a similar take on the matter.

Make no mistake: vaccine mandates, denials of access to monoclonal antibodies, and other similar measures are nothing more than Biden attempting to mask his failures on COVID.

The 46th president talked a good game during the 2020 White House race about how he would bring COVID to heel. Yet, when the time for execution arrived, Biden utterly dropped the ball.

He knows it and the rest of the nation knows it. However, the 46th president must cease standing in the way of life-saving treatment and immediately grant states necessary access to monoclonal antibodies.