Biden Is Expected To Restart Donald Trump’s ‘Remain In Mexico’ Policy At The Border

Under Donald Trump, there were record-breaking numbers of illegal border crossings, and under Joe Biden, there were record-breaking levels. The present government has made matters worse by discouraging enforcement and focusing on made-up disputes rather than safeguarding the country. President Joe Biden is expected to bow down to Donald Trump and reinstall the highly influential “Remain in Mexico” policy, which stabilized the border under the previous administration.

Without a court order, which the government battled vigorously for, this would not be possible. While reaping the program’s advantages, the White House may behave as if it doesn’t want to reestablish it. Expect a lot of playing on both sides, with Biden stating he has little control over the issue while also taking credit for it when it improves.

Moreover, Mexico’s authorities do not appreciate their country serving as a crossroads for illegal immigrants from Central America. Biden’s policies, they believe, encourage migrants to undertake the trek by making it easier for them to do so.

Many Democrats perceive the program as a humanitarian matter. Thus Biden might face significant opposition within his party. The notion appears to be that it is unsafe for asylum seekers to remain in Mexico until their claims are determined to be valid. Is it, however, safer to lock them up in cages and then release them into high-crime regions of the US with nothing but the clothing on their backs and a meal ticket?

The asylum system is ineffective, but not in the sense that liberals say. It’s faulty because it encourages economic migrants to falsely declare they’re in danger of getting access into the United States interior. However, the present government is content with the status quo. They don’t seem to mind that it benefits drug cartels and leads to murders, trafficking, and other heinous crimes. For Biden and his friends, everything is about politics. Be damned if actual people’s lives are impacted.