Biden is Keeping Anti-Overdose Funds From Red States

Drug addiction is a very serious problem in the United States today, and the problem is, sadly, getting worse.

Unfortunately, the current White House is not taking measures to truly fight against the drug crisis in this country. In fact, despite claims to the contrary, the Biden administration has actually been distributing smoking kits that include crack pipes.

The argument here is these kits will allow people to “safely” consume drugs with lower risks of fatal overdose. However, there can be no truly safe consumption of drugs, as many Americans have made note of.

Nevertheless, this is far from the worst this president has done. With Joe Biden’s blessing, the Health and Human Services Department is sending anti-overdose funds to mainly blue states, rather than ensuring that red and blue states alike receive adequate support.

Trying to Thin Out the Herd?
In America today, West Virginia, Tennessee, and Kentucky are states with some of the most severe overdose fatalities in the nation. However, when the Biden administration opted to deploy funds to harm reduction groups, these states didn’t see a penny.

Instead, the vast majority of anti-overdose funds were sent to blue states, such as New York and California.

What’s most unfortunate is that many Rust Belt states in America have struggled immensely with opioid addiction. They could certainly use the money that Biden largely directed to states that align with Democratic agendas.

To put things into perspective, West Virginia carries an overdose rate that surpasses those of California and New York.

Naturally, the White House hasn’t explained why blue states were the greatest recipients of anti-overdose grants, despite the data showing the Rust Belt’s clear need for this funding.

Pushback From West Virginia
As Rust Belt states struggle with drug overdoses, West Virginia is taking a stand and calling out the Biden administration.

Attorney General Patrick Morrisey called upon the White House to take greater measures that push back against the epidemic of opioids. Morrisey is likewise adamant that Biden should also help stop fentanyl distribution by securing the southern border.

Since getting into office, Biden has repeatedly articulated his hostility towards Republicans, Trump supporters, and red states. Sadly, his management and allocation choices for anti-overdose funds are very much on brand.