Biden Lies To Rabbi’s, But At Least They Are Not His Catholic Priest

Joe Biden is ostensibly the president of the United States of America. However, there is a movement that is simply ignoring him. This movement is called “Most Of Us.” He seems to think that he was responsible for social and racial equality during the Civil Rights Era. It came as a shock to everyone who was indeed there.

Joe Biden’s problems have existed for years. He was known as the Human Gaffe Machine before becoming Sleepy Joe and the moniker Dementia Joe.

There’s something exceptionally amiss with the man in the White House when he shows up for work. Recently, Biden attended a gathering with rabbis. In a bizarre series of disjointed and awkward exchanges, he not only offended anyone who was listening to him but bungled his resume.

Joe Biden thinks of himself as a slick politician on the order of Bill Clinton or Barack Obama. Instead, he’s more like an older federal version of Andrew Cuomo. When he goes off-kilter and attempts to pander to the media or his base, everyone cringes. We all know that it will turn out badly like a train wreck, but we can do nothing to stop it. At the gathering, he goes down a deep rabbit trail about his daughter’s wedding.

He seems to think that it’s every Catholic dad’s fantasy to have his little girl wed a Jewish doctor. Then recounted the reception, which included more Jewish tradition than Irish Catholic. He was vexed when they didn’t play “On Eagles’ Wings,” a Catholic hymn, at the wedding. Instead, they played “Hava Nagila,” a Jewish folk song sung at celebrations, otherwise known now according to Joe Biden as “that one with the chair.”

For everyone witnessing this nonsense, this is just Joe being Joe. However, at that point, he went past incongruity and, emboldened by the adoring look on his audience’s faces, started lying.

Joe spun a stemwinder about how he came out of the civil rights movement. As a young Irish lad, he was ostracized and oppressed by much of America under the Jim Crow laws.

Joe Biden is a pathological liar, and it isn’t even funny. In 1987, he was notoriously caught plagiarizing a speech when he lifted expressions from a British Labor Party legislator. Murmurs had surfaced of Biden utilizing material from government officials without attribution. He had been blamed for infringement and fraud in law school but was never held accountable. A video appeared of Biden overstating his scholarly record while talking furiously to a citizen in New Hampshire to exacerbate the situation. None of which seemed to matter to the voters of Delaware.

He never participated in any march for Civil Rights in the 1960s. Even CNN could not protect Biden. But this is no indication of their willingness to throw him overboard or abandon him for Kamala Harris indeed.

Even though he amended his speech, he keeps falling back to his old ways. It makes one wonder if he ever learned his lesson. Rehashing falsehoods about the Civil Rights Movement remains a perilously neurotic case of Joe’s rambling, nonsensical babble.

In 1977, he said he did not want his children to grow up in a “racial jungle.” He recently said that Latinos are “worried that they’ll be vaccinated and deported.” He told an audience during the presidential primary of 2008 that Barack Obama is benefiting from his race. Joe quipped, “You got the first mainstream African American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy.”

Joe Biden’s son Hunter repeatedly used the N-word in text messages in 2018. Maybe the reason his son is a racist is that Joe has made a wide range of racial comments and continues to do so.

It is not only about his racism, confusion, or dementia, but he’s also always had a problem with the truth. His relationship with reality has been tenuous at best. Now he seems to have lost his grip on the world and can’t quit lying. His puffery has exceeded his buffoonery. When someone you love is significantly overstating verifiably false things, it may be time to step in.

We are now calling on Hunter Biden to do the right thing. He must ask his dad to take a step back from his dogged determination to run the world. Maybe Joe had accomplished everything he set out to do when he launched his personal and political career in Scranton, PA. He needs to retire and rest finally. There is no harm in admitting that being president is a pretty complicated job.