Biden ‘Losing Support’ Among One Of His ‘Most Important’ Demographics

The African American vote was one of the critical reasons Biden won the Presidency in 2020. Exit polling suggests that this voting block was one of the most important demographics for his victory. Indeed, the African American vote is one of the most stable voting blocs in the United States.

For example, gone are the days when Biden enjoyed a 90 percent approval rating among African Americans in South Carolina. His support has now plunged 30 percent among the same demographic, many reasons for voters abandoning Biden after only one year in office.

Inflation is at its highest level in decades. People of color are getting impacted by inflation. The fastest way people feel disempowered is to see their buying power disappear. When you can buy fewer things this year than last year, you tend to blame the people in charge.

Biden ran on a platform of reimagining the role of the police, voter rights, and uniting the country. Unfortunately, political realities and some would argue just reality, in general, have hindered the President’s ability to deliver on his promises.

Crime is skyrocketing across the country and having an enormous impact on minority communities. Biden’s disastrous Georgia speech was panned not only because it failed to cast a vision on unity but also because Biden’s suggestion to change the filibuster rules so he could push through his voting rights legislation was sabotaged by members of his party.

Biden’s constituents are starting to see that if the Senators from Arizona and West Virginia can completely stop his agenda, it is unlikely that he will be able to keep any of his promises. Adding to that doubt is the President’s disastrous performance on the world stage. Afghanistan anyone?

If Biden cannot shore up his support on African Americans, he will squander whatever slight chance he has at getting re-elected. With inflation continuing to rise and the Omicron Variant spiking cases all over the country, it is unlikely the President will be able to survive his popularity death spiral among all groups, not just his core constituents.