Biden Presser: Pre-Approved List, A Huge Whopper And Avoiding Questions Around Pope

After about 108 days, Biden finally decided to hold a Press Conference of sorts at the G20. It could not be called a routine press conference, especially when you take questions from all but five reporters and that too from a pre-approved list. Typically, the press is allowed to ask many different questions, but it was quite the opposite in this one.

Biden, as usual, arrived late to the conference and then later did the thing where he mentioned that he had been told which reporter to take the questions from. Moreover, the questions asked were very limited in scope, and according to The Washington Post’s James Hohmann, Biden took questions from five reporters only. Those reporters were from the AP, Reuters, Washington Post, New York Times, and ABC News and only took three follow-up questions but from the same reporters.

Taking questions from a few approved reporters and reiterating it makes it look like Biden knew he was being criticized for not holding a press conference, so he held one for the sake of it. Though his cheat sheet could not be revealed this time, it appeared that 3 of the reporters called upon by him this time were the ones called during his press conference from March. I guess this proves that whoever dictates everything to the President in the form of the cheat sheet is very careful about the questions that have to be asked to the President, so they don’t come as a surprise. Biden was able to sidestep almost every other question. For example, when asked about the falling poll ratings, Biden said it happens all the time, but the last time the numbers fell so low was during World War 2.

When asked about the comments made by Pope Francis that Biden claimed were about him being a good Catholic which we suspect were to quit the complaints from the conservative bishops in the US, Biden avoided answering the question by simply implying it was something personal. It’s pretty confusing now because Biden himself was the one to reveal what the Pope had said about him if he even said it and naturally sparks doubt in many.