Biden ‘Pumps Out’ Virus Tests To Ease School Reopenings

“The White House stated Wednesday that a dedicated stream of 5 million quick tests and 5 million lab-based PCR testing will be made available to schools beginning this month to alleviate supply constraints and encourage safe school resumption,” Zeke Miller reported Tuesday for the Associated Press.

DeSantis conservatives would consider this a victory. But since the early 1990s, when the homeschooling movement began to grow in North America, the national conservative perspective would view this more as a regression to the Prussian style of institutional education that minted citizens ideally suited to exploitation by militant, hate-based political movements.

National Home Education Research Institute

And for that decade through the 2010s, right up until the year ticked over from 2019 and all the world’s greatest powers went into shock and resignation over coronavirus, American conservatives would generally have regarded an instant, nationwide return of children by government schools to their parents as a unilateral surrender by the government of the people back to themselves to be families and communities again, not regimented divisions of a global sprawl of Cold War institutional pain and awkwardness, and a nearly ultimate victory of conservatism.

The Senate is evenly split. The House is pretty close. The elections are this year again.

Democrats have already tested the limits of what their political adversaries and the American people will accept and are stuck with go-nowhere bills that are either just not going to get past Mitch or are just too damned Goldwater foreign policy on the dollar to be sane to try out with inflation at 40-year highs.

They used all their political capital to get over the finish line and kept burning. They’re on fumes. They’re directionless and confused. Their leader is pooping his pants at meetings.

Conservatives should not fumble away this opportunity to pounce with everything they got last year before this one moment gets away that may never come back again, to fundamentally transform the United States of America, with a national education reform plan that will get passed in the next congress if not this one.