Biden Reacts To Trump Arraignment Questions With Laughter

As some may already be aware, Joe Biden has a long history of acting in a way that some describe as being akin to jerk in public.

Does anybody else remember when “Uncle Joe” reacted to a Michigan construction worker who cast doubts on his anti-second amendment firearms policies by calling him “full of shit?” How about when he followed up by threatening to slap him “in the face” and referring to him as “a horse’s ass?”

In another bizarre example of the past, Biden called a woman a “lying, dog-faced pony soldier” after asking if she has ever been to a caucus.

At the end of last month, Biden continued his streak, reportedly telling a group of reporters being forced out of a White House room, “Don’t get hurt leaving.”

Now, the White House occupant experienced a bout of laughter after he was asked if the indictment of his predecessor, former President Trump, is politically divisive.

In other recent news, Biden last month began his remarks about the shooting at the Christian school in Nashville, Tennessee by joking about his love for chocolate chip ice cream.

“I came down because I heard there’s chocolate chip ice cream,” Biden can be seen saying in the clip to a laughing crowd. “By the way, I have a full refrigerator upstairs.”

Upon being fielded a question about Sen. Josh Hawley’s (R-MO) assertion that the tragic mass shooting should be classified as a ‘hate crime,’ Biden answered by attempting to engage in comedy before saying, “No, I’m joking– I have no idea.”

Hawley responded, writing online, “What a disgrace.”