Biden Returns To His Perpetual Vacation And Retirement Plans

His people are horrified that he left Americans behind, it appears to be some bizarre rapture of the American military. Like the Biblical account of The Second Coming of Jesus, Joe has made our State Department and Army drop everything (including tanks, choppers, and guns) and run.

Joe Biden will be off for a vacation to Delaware. Once again, this weekend might as well include barbeque and lawn darts for Labor Day for the anti-President. Hey, screwing up the economy and world, take it out of the guy.

Surrendering and yelling at Americans is his definition of extraordinary success. Afghanistan is in tatters, and he needs a nap. And anyone like you who questions his commitment and work ethic is an ignorant and intolerant racist buffoon.

Biden loves going back home to Greenville, Delaware. It’s just a hop, skip, and jump over the Potomac River. He’s made 18 trips back there where he can meet in secret with anyone who’d like an audience with the 46th president of the United States of America. Without visitor logs, there is no record of his interactions on the public record at the White House. We can assume that he’s learned a lesson or two from his predecessors Obama and Trump, as well as Hillary Clinton. You are better off finding as many ways as possible to subvert the national records act and avoid FOIA requests.

Afghanistan remains a crisis, one that may spiral out of control. Thankfully for Jill Biden, Joe Biden is at the helm. She can sleep well at night knowing that her husband is so relaxed that even the deaths of American soldiers and civilians don’t bother him. Rather than trying to rescue Americans, he’s got burgers to grill and needs to take a dip in the pool.

His administration and the media, but this is repetitive, know that this is a live hostage rescue of thousands of Americans. This Noncombatant Evacuation Operation (NEO) is an utter and complete failure. Can this mission be accomplished if Americans are left behind?

How many people are left to evacuate? Shouldn’t our state department have been tracking and monitoring this situation for months. US Citizens worldwide are notified of hot spots and dangers while traveling through the Embassy and Consulate General in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP). American’s have a right to know when they are in peril so that they can adjust accordingly. It is a standard that has not only been violated but desiccated. Once again, the ineptitude, reckless, and careless liberal bureaucrats spit on the people.

A couple of groups are being tracked during the evacuation of Afghanistan ordeal. Any one of them could become the next headline story, like the woman who was abused at the hands of the Taliban terrorists at a checkpoint.

Children from the San Juan Unified School District in California are trapped. We hope and pray that all return home safely, but things get dicey once a group breaks up and becomes everyone for themselves. Some students may be in transit, but that leaves up to 27 students stuck in Afghanistan. These American children were visiting family members during the summer break. It must not be lost on us that Americans who have relationships with family in Afghanistan put themselves in potential danger because they had a reasonable assurance that they would be safe.

An American interpreter who lived in the country for 14 years has been forced to flee. She told the not very attentive Chris Cuomo, brother of the disgraced New York Democrat Mayor Andrew Cuomo, that she was shocked when the US military cut tail and ran. Only identified as Sara, she’s living in a house with about 37 other Americans, including a mother with disabled children, who are trying to escape. She had no idea that the last flight to freedom had already departed. And even if she knew of it, she probably would not have been able to make the flight. She doesn’t believe anything she’s been told by the State Department or anything she’s heard Joe Biden said. She’s lost all trust in our President and government.

Joe Biden was unable and unwilling to operate an emergency evacuation operation from the war room at the White House. That would be bad optics, so instead, he will party and fiddle while Afghanistan burns.