Biden Says ‘I Sold A Lot Of State Secrets’

Social media is roasting President Joe Biden for a supposed “joke” about selling “a lot of state secrets,” which he made during a meeting with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Big Tech CEOs.

A clip of the remarks was published on Twitter on Monday and quickly went viral.

“I was just thanking the — anyway, I started off without you, and I sold a lot of state secrets and a lot of very important things that we shared,” Biden said during the meeting on Friday.

However, the clip did not include the full context in which the president followed up that comment by stating “Now, all kidding aside” before going on to discuss how technology is transforming people’s lives across the globe, according to the official White House transcript.

Biden was roasted on social media for his comments, even after Twitter’s “Community Notes” feature added context to his comments — as Twitter users pointed out that Biden is known for making gaffes, and the off-hand remark could have actually been an admission of guilt considering all of the crimes he is being accused of and the evidence supporting those allegations.

Twitter users questioned whether Biden was actually telling the truth or making a joke, and some even made comparisons to the controversial indictments against former President Donald Trump.

“Well, honest or in a fog of confusion? Where are you, Democrats? Speak up because we never hear from you on this topic….,” tweeted former Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT).

“Joe Biden’s brain is going and he’s literally admitting his crimes out loud. Impeach Biden! It’s unreal and so insulting to America,” wrote Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA).

“Donald Trump is being indicted for things that Joe Biden is admitting to doing out loud,” responded Greg Price, communications director for the State Freedom Caucus Network.

“Democrats are in a moral panic over leaked audio from Trump talking about classified documents. Meanwhile, Joe Biden literally admitted to SELLING STATE SECRETS and they laugh like it’s a joke,” tweeted conservative commentator Benny Johnson.

Trending Politics co-owner Collin Rugg noted that despite the Community Notes claiming that Biden was joking, there is evidence to support his remark being an admission of guilt.

“A Burisma executive told an FBI source that Burisma paid the Bidens millions of dollars to get Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shokin fired for investigating Burisma. Biden is on camera bragging about getting Shokin fired,” he explained in his first point.

“An IRS whistleblower claims that Joe Biden was present when Hunter Biden pressured a Chinese official to send money. $5M was sent days later,” Rugg wrote in the second point, telling readers to “Draw your own conclusions.”