Biden Sends A ‘Not Serious Person’ To Fix A Serious Problem

Whoever is running the country has a real problem on their hands. World events require leadership on the ground and our top two choices to publicly send abroad are our barely functioning President Joe Biden or way out of her league Kamala Harris. Since crisis management and the sundown effect do not go well together, it looks like the powers are sending the vice president.

First, the picture from the above screenshot looks like Kamala and Zelenskyy are about to face off in a Ukrainian cage match. Second, the above image exists because they already tried sending Kamala a couple of weeks ago to the Munich Security Conference to deter Putin from invading Ukraine in the first place. We can all see how that worked out. The only thing that has changed in the interim is that Kamala keeps adding gaffes to her resume.

Who decided to put the vice president on “The Morning Hustle” in the first place? It is doubtful that Putin listens to The Morning Hustle and if he did, it is not in a very persuasive format for discussing international relations. The tone is all wrong. I can see Kamala’s opening statement in peace negotiations: “Peace negotiations are about peaceful relations with each other. It is all about peace.” Or something to that effect.

Vice President Harris is just not good at being vice president. She has historically low poll numbers for the position. Her first big assignment was fixing the crisis at the southern border of the United States, but she never really got around to it and has just stopped trying to do anything on that front. She is notoriously horrible to work for, as evidenced by her staff quitting in droves. Nothing in her record suggests that she is up for the task.

The proverbial “you” might be tempted to engage in a bit of schadenfreude, but the stakes are too high even for that. Some suggest a direct armed conflict with Russia, which has enough nuclear weapons to turn whatever they want into a parking lot. Let us hope Vice President Harris rises to the task, but I would not hold your breath.