Biden Snaps on Reporter Over Approval Rating Among Democrats

President Joe Biden continued his recent trend of lashing out at naysayers Tuesday when a reporter asked him about his unpopularity among Democrats. The commander-in-chief was notably unpresidential when he responded, “Read the polls, Jack, you guys are all the same.”

It sounds like someone did not get their nap.

The White House Congressional Picnic was the site of the embattled president’s latest outburst. ABC News’ Ben Gittleson asked Biden about the New York Times poll that showed a vast majority of his own party does not want him leading their ticket in 2024.

Inexplicably, the president responded to the question of a second term with “they want me to run.” Who?

Biden, apparently a glass-half-full person, pulled a number from the polls’ questions that showed 92% of Democrats would vote for him in a rematch with Trump in 2024. White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre also used that figure Monday in a desperate attempt to find anything positive.

Perhaps the headline should have read that 8% of Democrats would support Trump. Having 92% of Biden’s own party choose him in an election “held today” against only one candidate is hardly a ringing endorsement.

At best, both Biden and Jean-Pierre grossly misstated the New York Times polling results. The numbers, no matter how they are viewed, are anything but pretty for the incumbent president.

A shocking 64% of Democrats want someone other than who they have to run in 2024. As for the party’s youthful members, those under 30 by a whopping 94% want a different candidate to support. Among registered Democratic voters, a paltry 29% would choose Biden to run for reelection.

A whole 13% of respondents felt the U.S. is “on the right track.”

This verbal spat came one day after Biden told a mass shooting victim’s father to “sit down!” Manual Oliver stood and scolded the president for inaction after the Parkland and other school mass shootings.

Whatever a person’s political leanings, a stable hand in the White House is a must. Biden still has roughly two and a half years left in office, and instead of instilling confidence, every day he reinforces the image of a president who is losing his grip.