Biden Still Accusing Americans Of His Disappointments

It is a sorry sight to witness how far the United States has fallen since January 20, 2021. Right now, America has a president with no regard for the individual’s rights or freedom. 

Biden made this vastly apparent through both his words and his actions. During a CNN town hall event a few weeks ago, the 46th president scoffed upon hearing objections that people make against COVID vaccine mandates based on freedom. 

That comes on top of the president pushing for unlawful federal vaccine mandates and for the IRS to have a front-row look at the bank accounts of the American people. Time and time again, Biden fails, misses the mark, and drops the ball. 

Red State now confirms that the president continues his latest pattern of blaming the American people for his failures. 

All in all, the 46th president’s message to the public is inflation, the supply chain, and a host of other issues all boil down to the behaviors of Americans. 

Biden declared consumer demand is driving the supply chain problems. However, consumer confidence is at all-time lows. This narrative that Americans are buying products in droves is proven false by the existence of inflation. 

The money of the American people does not get them as much as it used to. With inflation being what it is, Americans are paying more money for fewer products. However, it isn’t something Biden wants to talk candidly about. 

Not too long ago, the 46th president chuckled at the reality of gas prices being out of control. Meanwhile, Biden’s administration is looking into canceling a pipeline. If the White House does this, gas prices will go up, and the energy cost. 

Should this turn out to be the next crisis the United States faces, there’s no doubt Biden will find a way to blame this on Americans as well? 

Whether Biden realizes it or not, the patience of Americans is running out. It takes some nerve for the president of the United States to tell struggling people that they are responsible for his failures. 

There is a reason why a recent poll confirmed 71% of the country agrees America is on the wrong track. There’s also a reason why Republicans have higher ratings than Democrats on matters like the economy, national security, immigration, and more. 

Biden can lie and point fingers all he wants, but more and more Americans are waking up every day.