Biden Still Cannot Do Math When It Comes To Energy Policy

Have you ever heard the term low-information voter? It refers to the group that makes voting decisions based on memes and what feels good. Almost everyone virtue signaling on social media falls into this category. If someone is switching from hashtag triple vax to hashtag Ukraine and criticizing you for not doing the same, they can reliably be situationally possessed by talking points.

The Biden administration does everything to keep the aforementioned low-information voters in line because they do not have anyone left. The president’s poll numbers are still underwater even though he did get a bump from looking presidential in Ukraine, because hey, you know, war and all. I would expect that bump to dissolve over the next few weeks as Americans keep having to take out a mortgage to buy food and gas.

The powers desperately need to change the narrative, especially on the gas issue. Conveniently they have switched from blaming that on Putin’s invasion to the more complex but still untrue causal link to Putin’s buildup pre-invasion.

It is not Biden producing this strategy. His communication team targets the low information voters by giving them a lifeline to keep their cognitive dissonance. At the same time, they pay seven dollars for a gallon of gas. Enter this week’s announcement by the White House about releasing more oil from the Strategic Reserve.

Now to your average Twitter user, 60 million barrels of oil sounds like a ton of oil. Joe Biden is doing something to work the problem. Now everybody can move on. Unless you dig a little deeper into how much oil the United States uses in one day. The low information voter doesn’t care about that number, but you probably do. It is around 18 million barrels a day.

Biden’s plan buys us about three days. Put another way, it means it will not do anything about gas price. Even if he released the entire strategic oil reserve, 714 million barrels, it would only last 40 days. It is not about fixing the problem. It is just being done to say they are doing something for polling. Unfortunately, it is going to work on a large number of people. The hashtag they don’t care about is a low information voter.

It has only been a bit over a year since Biden got into office. Let us hope we can survive the next three.