Biden “Sued” For Funding For Palestinian Government

Protect the Public’s Trust (PPT) sues the State Department for stalling its Freedom of Information Act request. The watchdog group has demanded every archive, appointment, message, and interchanges regarding the Biden-Harris maladministration’s decision to aid the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO).

Requests for all Statement Department, White House National Security Council, USAID, and the United Nations envoy records that are all relevant have been included in this inquiry. Antony Blinken, US Secretary of State, must have been involved in the authorization and approval of this funding. His communications are required for transparency about how this foolish decision was made.

The Palestinian Authority was not considered a legitimate bargaining partner by President Donald Trump. Using tax dollars to support the PLA is a horrible decision because it has a history of supporting terrorism against the Israeli people. Essentially the anti-President Joe Biden signed off on the US government funding terror because money is fungible. Any amount given to the PLA frees up cash to pay for Islamic extremist martyrs and terror.

The US State Department is stalling, which is always a sign of hiding something. US financing for terrorist militants is a colossal betrayal of the American people who vividly remember the cost of terror on 9/11 and the wars that followed. This Biden-Harris maladministration is a disaster. Rivals of America and internal grifters use it to weaken our position in the world and strengthen our enemies. Records could show how the Democrat cabal abused a bipartisan law prohibiting the sending cash to the Palestinian government.

The US State Department delayed the FOIA request for over nine months. FOIA regulations do not allow agencies to flaunt these requests. PPT and the American people have a legitimate right to know what preceded the sock puppet Biden’s violation of the Taylor Force Act. This law is a 2018 bipartisan regulation that bans funding the PLO because it engages in a “pay to slay” program which pays terrorists and supports the families of suicide bombers and murderers. The PLO continues to support violent Islamic extremism and terrorism.

American liberal media could care less about slaughtering innocent Israeli women and children. If Sleepy Joe is infringing upon the law, he may endanger not only friends and allies of the US but our citizens. In addition, it appears that the State Department is actively hiding records and may even attempt to alter or destroy incriminating evidence. It is a sick dereliction of duty and may include criminal actions. At the least, we have government employees who seem willing to violate their oath to protect this country.

In May 2021, PPT followed up on new reports that the Palestinian Authority is channeling US dollars to terrorists. In March 2021, State Department officials told Congress that the PLO has likely spent $151 million to fund terrorist murders, and $191 million was spent on martyrs, a term used for terrorist murderers or those who support terrorism. Nearly $350M was spent on terrorism-related activities. Think about a budget line item in your state government spending plan just for killing people. In April 2021, Biden’s handlers knew about these payments and began funding the PLO anyway.