Biden Throws COVID Mitigation Responsibility To The States

Under the Biden Administration, more people had lost their lives to coronavirus than they did when President Trump was running the show. Likewise, while delta and omicron strains of COVID were nonexistent during the Trump Administration, they have soared to life with Biden in office.

Biden repeatedly promised the nation that electing him would let him enact a plan to defeat coronavirus once and for all. The 46th president also accused Trump of being unprepared and haphazard regarding the virus and getting it under control.

As many Americans now know, Biden was blowing smoke and saying whatever he deemed necessary to weasel his way into the Oval Office. Just this week, though, Biden made a major shift that has just about everyone in America talking, as confirmed by TheBlaze.

During the earlier days of his presidency, Biden tried a series of federal measures to bring COVID to a halt. He’s tried vaccine mandates for all. However, these mandates at the federal level are illegal, subsequently prompting massive backlash and lawsuits from business groups, conservative leaders, and religious organizations.

Cases are rising under Biden, and vaccines aren’t stopping people from getting and spreading COVID. Despite what the establishment wants folks to know, some fully vaccinated people against this virus have still not been spared from hospitalization and death.

Biden, who has realized that whatever he had planned for COVID isn’t panning out so well, made a turn this week. The 46th president told America’s governors during a video conference that dealing with COVID is a matter that must occur at the level of the states, not the federal government.

Of course, this new shift from Biden is far from coincidental. The president understands that he’s heading into a midterms year and his party is all but guaranteed to be crushed by the political right in November 2022.

Following the 46th president throwing COVID mitigation responsibilities over the states, leftists didn’t hesitate to get on social media to complain. Some folks declared that since Biden ran his campaign on being someone who could beat coronavirus, sending the matter over to the states now appears like a cop-out.

Others accused Biden of giving up, claiming him as “worse than Trump” when it comes to the virus. Altogether, Biden supporters were not very happy with what they heard from the president.

These folks called for more mandates at the federal level, claiming that individual states will have little recourse to get a hold on this virus truly.