Biden Touts Infrastructure Investments While Taking Shots At Trump

President Joe Biden recently traveled to Las Vegas, Nevada, where he touted his administration’s investments in infrastructure, including a plan to construct a “high-speed” rail in The Silver State. The president also took shots at his leading political opponent, former President Donald Trump.

While speaking at a hall for unionized carpenters, Biden criticized the former president as someone who often talks about doing something but doesn’t follow through on his promises.

“Trump just talks the talk. We walk the walk,” the president said. “He likes to say America is a failing nation. Frankly, he doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about. I see shovels in the ground, cranes in the sky. People hard at work rebuilding America together.”

Despite Biden’s comments, Americans have greatly struggled under the president’s tenure. The economy is far worse than it was under Trump, educational standards have diminished, the southern border is in disarray and the world is in turmoil, among other things.

During his address, Biden revealed that $8.2 billion in federal funding will be allocated for 10 major passenger rail projects across the U.S. The president consistently differentiated his policies from those of Trump, signaling an increase in his political rhetoric when speaking of policy with the 2024 presidential election nearing.

Biden said Trump “failed” to deliver on his promises to invest in American infrastructure. He gloated that his funding for railroad projects would connect Las Vegas to Los Angeles, California, through the use of a high-speed train, adding that such a measure would be completed before The Golden State is set to host the Summer Olympics in 2028.

During his visit to The Silver State, the president also spread his administration’s talking point about gun violence in the U.S. As always, Democrats never fail to use a tragedy as an opportunity to advocate for the elimination of weapons from the hands of law-abiding Americans.

Biden, citing the recent shooting that occurred at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, which killed three individuals and wounded a fourth, called on Congress to ban “assault weapons.”

“I’m not going to rest until we do all we can to prevent more families and more communities from being torn apart by gun violence,” the president said.