Biden Tries To Fix His ‘Get Off My Lawn’ Moment With Peter Doocy

Joe Biden has a history of yelling at people he disagrees with. From telling prospective voters, “Your full of sh*t”:

The President’s long political career has been filled with angry outbursts and political gaffes to yell at a RealClearPolitics reporter for a question he didn’t like. The latest example of this trend was when the President called Fox New’s reporter Peter Doocy a “Stupid SOB” (but used the entire curse word in all its glory) for asking a question on inflation.

President Biden was understandably upset that the reality of his bad policy decisions, i.e., inflation is the worst it has been in 30 years, causing his approval rating to crater and decided to take it out on Doocy in the heat of the moment.

Someone on the President’s staff suddenly remembered that Americans do not like the angry grandpa look, so Biden called Doocy later to apologize. Peter Doocy said that the President claimed the personal insult was, in fact, nothing personal.

The apology did not surprise everyone as much as Biden could pull it off, given his recent luck with high visibility phone calls. In December, the President agreed with the caller when he said, “Let’s Go, Brandon.” Not one of the President’s more delicate moments in a lengthy career of bad moments.

It is not the first time Doocy has run afoul of cranky old politicians. In 2017 he enraged the maverick senator John McCain when Doocy asked him about his obvious tension with President Trump. One of McCain’s testy replies was, “Why would you ask something that dumb?”

The dressing down did not slow down Doocy in 2017, and it will not slow him down now. He will keep annoying Joe Biden (when the President is not hiding in the basement).