Biden WANTED To Be Able To Say The War In Afghanistan Is OVER On September 11, 2021

Biden will not deliver a speech as part of the memorial service for the 20th anniversary of 9/11. Compared to President Trump, President Biden once again proves he is woefully inadequate.

Donald Trump gave live comments to honor the victims of terrorism and support our military on 9/11 every year, as did Barack Obama during his two terms. Serving two consecutive terms is expected for modern presidents who typically have the support of their party.

Remember when President Trump spoke in Shanksville, Pennsylvania? He paid respect to the men and women who lost their lives on September 11, 2001, as well as the victims of the United Flight 93 suicide terror assault. The fourth airliner hijacked by terrorists was targeting a location in Washington, D.C. Todd Beamer and other passengers decided to fight back even if it meant that they would die in the process, which was all but guaranteed. His last words became a rallying cry, “Let’s Roll!”

Joe Biden’s motto is “Let’s Roll Over.” He cannot be bothered to show any respect for the events that shaped the last two decades of our nation. The twentieth commemoration of the assault on September 11 will only receive a prerecorded video of his comments.

White House press secretary Circle Back Jen Psaki told the public that America would be able to hear from our anti-President in a video ahead of time. We can even watch it on the morning of 9/11 if we want to. In the age of COVID-19 and zoom meetings, live presentations have gone by the wayside. However, our president and commander in chief must demonstrate leadership amid hardship. Instead, he’s shrinking.

Biden created the disaster in Afghanistan, pulling out in a hasty and disorganized fashion. Biden wanted to be able to state that he was the one who brought our troops home. Unfortunately, the way he did it only emboldened our enemies. And 13 service members came home in caskets instead of walking into their family’s loving arms. He is responsible for the chaos in our military and foreign policy. And when it comes to expressing the national mood, he has no sense of the pressure we face or our disgust at his incompetence. He must be protected from realizing the truth by his handlers.

On Saturday, the president will go to all three 9/11 remembrance locations, New York City, Pennsylvania, and the Pentagon. Psaki said Biden’s bustling timetable that day meant that he could not give even one live in-person speech.

Does this seem odd to anyone? It makes you wonder if the fact that he goes off script, mumbles his way through speeches and can barely string together a coherent thought might have played a part in this decision by his puppet masters.