Biden Wants To ‘Heal The Nation’ While Slandering Trump Supporters As ‘Semi-Fascist’

Even as he expresses his desire to “hea”l the “soul of the nation,” President Joe Biden’s words from just a week ago echo across the country. This same “healer” in a recent fundraising speech, called supporters of former President Donald Trump “semi-fascist.”

The president who now wants to “heal” the nation’s soul called out a very large percentage of the country for its “extreme MAGA philosophy.” He further said that it is driving the Republican Party.

Later that same day he decried the notion of “burn-it-all-down politics” as the drumbeat of MAGA Republicans. Some healing.

As a candidate in 2020, Biden notoriously called for “unity” and “healing.” With approval ratings in the tank and more Americans disapproving of his job performance nearly every week, it is likely that’s not the type of unity candidate Biden had in mind.

In the month prior to the presidential election in 2020, Biden told a Gettysburg audience that Americans must get away from treating the opposition as “the enemy.”

However, at a recent campaign rally, Biden declared that “MAGA Republicans” threaten American democracy, not just personal rights and economic security.

This came just weeks after the home of his chief political opponent was raided by the FBI. As for economic security, most Americans would gladly return to the economy enjoyed under his Republican predecessor.

What they would rather see, other than more accusations of being “semi-fascist,” is inflation get to levels below the four-decade highs the nation has dealt with for months on end.

They would rather the Democratic Party not commit itself to spending further trillions of dollars, stoking the inflation fires even hotter. They also prefer not to see the federal government nationalize the election system in order to get more Democrats into office.

And most Americans disapprove of weaponizing the Justice Department and the considerable power of the executive branch to go after political opponents.

If Biden’s goal is truly unity and healing, these are great places to start. If it is simply to further divide the nation in an attempt to hang on to power, he just needs to say and do more of the same.