Biden’s Allies Can’t Hide His Incompetence Any Longer

With 2021 approaching its end, the Biden administration is a dreadful sight to behold. It’s not just about the terrible policies from this White House or its illegal medical mandates that the courts are thankfully shutting down.

The overall disposition of Joe Biden and his White House is deeply problematic. It shows the White House is more concerned with furthering a radical communist agenda than serving the American public.

Biden acts like he’s a king rather than the president. He has no regard for the rule of law or checks and balances designed to keep him in line. It has therefore led to massive disgust and disapproval with his administration.

As National Review points out, the 46th president’s allies who are attempting to hide and redress his incompetence aren’t going to get the outcomes they want.

At this point, absolutely no one can deny the president’s approval ratings are entirely in the gutter. It is an undeniable fact. Therefore, Biden’s aides and other supporters are trying to mislead Americans about the reasons behind the strong disapproval.

If you let Democrats tell it, this all boils down to messaging and how Biden’s agenda is communicated with the general public. There has been pressure for media reporters to adopt different tones or means of talking about the policies supported and enacted by the White House.

On top of lying about why Biden is such an unpopular president, his allies want Americans to think inflation isn’t such a big deal. They want Americans to believe that Biden’s decision to tap into critical emergency fuel supplies will somehow lower gas prices over any substantial period.

Biden’s allies want Americans to believe lies; however, the jig is officially over.

Everywhere Americans turn, they are confronted with the horrific nature of policies being enacted and propped up by Biden. There’s no natural way for Biden’s allies to fake as if high inflation, skyrocketing gas costs, and more are just a matter of the media’s miscommunication about the Biden agenda.

The American public is not stupid. The failure of this president and his administration is something people are forcefully reminded about every time they buy groceries or look at bare shelves in department stores.

Crime spikes, supply chain bottlenecks, medical mandates, and more are each overt consequences of Biden’s incompetence. There is no way to hide this or spin the situation that somehow favors Biden.