Biden’s Botch Apologizing To Macron Irritates Another US Partner

The mainstream media didn’t even imply that Joe Biden was insulting Australia’s prime minister on the first day of his European tour, calling it a “clown performance.” Biden seemed to have paid little attention to what he was saying to Scott Morrison when attempting to calm French President Macron’s rage over hijacking a large submarine-building contract that would have seen Australia spend close to $20 billion on French submarines.

Scott Morrison, Australia’s prime minister, claims that the White House was kept informed about his negotiations with France before canceling a $90 billion submarine deal created a diplomatic spat. When US President Joe Biden informed his French colleague Emmanuel Macron that the AUKUS defense treaty was not handled “with a lot of elegance” before it was unveiled last month, he criticized Theresa May.

Moreover, Biden called it “clumsy” and said he was “under the understanding” that France had been advised “long ago” that the agreement would not go through. When questioned about the president’s on the subject, Morrison answered, “He’ll leave his words to him.” According to the reports, he says it was a “tough choice” but did not “recoil from it at all.”

According to the reports, France is enraged that it was kept in the dark about a critical geopolitical move resulting in its exclusion from a $60 billion submarine agreement with the US.

Furthermore, Presidents Joe Biden of the United States and Emmanuel Macron of France will address various topics, including Middle East counterterrorism and trade and economic cooperation. Jill Biden, the first lady, will receive Brigitte Macron for a bilateral meeting on Friday afternoon.