Biden’s Botched Withdrawal Has Ongoing Consequences

The world could only watch back in August 2021 as U.S President Joe Biden botched a withdrawal from Afghanistan. Instead of leaving the citizens of Afghanistan with the tools needed to succeed in self-government, Biden played right into the hands of the Taliban.

This botched exit created a variety of legitimate concerns and issues that President Biden clearly did not think through. When Biden left Afghanistan the way he did, he inadvertently created a humanitarian crisis.

U.S Senator Ted Cruz of Texas posted on Twitter, “He has imported an acute HUMANITARIAN CRISIS into the U.S. Young girls are being subject to forced child marriages and sexual abuse by “husbands” using the withdrawal to exploit them.”

If Joe Biden cared about Afghan women and girls he would have predicted that this would happen if he withdrew American troops. Whether the troops had been there for too long and whether or not anything was actually being accomplished there is debatable, but the aftermath certainly is not.

CNN tweeted “The messy crisis in Afghanistan has taught both Americans and leaders in foreign capitals some new things about the still-new president.”

President Biden clearly does not view his decision to withdraw from Afghanistan as consequential. He tweeted, “I know my decision on Afghanistan will be criticized. But I would rather take all that criticism than pass this responsibility on to yet another president. It’s the right one for our people, for the brave service members who risk their lives serving our nation, and for America.”

The vacuum left by the Biden administration’s failure in Afghanistan has far-reaching implications. Showing blatant incompetence in the sight of enemies of the U.S. will certainly embolden these enemies. And that’s exactly what Joe Biden has done.