Biden’s COVID Vaccine Mandates Keep Losing In Court

The federal government’s role is not to issue widespread COVID vaccine mandates along with threats of job loss for anyone who refuses to consent to the mandate. Months ago, this was something even the Biden administration admitted.

Yet, back in September, the president still went ahead and announced a series of COVID vaccine mandates for millions of Americans. Biden also informed he’d be having the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) enforce this mandate with fines for noncompliance.

Biden thought threats of fines for business owners and job loss for workers would make people bow down and fall in line with his demands. However, this isn’t what happened.

After multiple lawsuits against the mandate, Biden’s OSHA edict was hit with a stay. OSHA has since announced it won’t proceed with the mandate in any capacity while the injunction is ongoing.

However, this isn’t the only loss Biden’s suffered in court regarding COVID vaccine mandates. As reported by National Review, a federal judge recently shut down his COVID vaccine mandate for healthcare workers across multiple states.

Healthcare workers across ten states would have faced job loss due to this mandate, not Missouri Judge Matthew Schelp. This judge determined federal bodies are limited with what they can do, especially without congressional approval.

Likewise, Schlep concluded that any potential gains from healthcare workers having the COVID vaccine are overpowered by the dangers of facilities firing workers for not taking the vaccine. Mass firings could cause facilities to shut down altogether.

Many Americans took to social media to celebrate the ruling that defeated yet another widespread medical mandate from the president. This decision from Judge Schelp applies to healthcare workers in the listed states: Wyoming, New Hampshire, South Dakota, Nebraska, North Dakota, Kansas, Arkansas, Iowa, Missouri, and Alaska.

Democrats and health bureaucrats are more than eager to use this virus as a trojan horse to usher in medical tyranny. There is no other reason why the White House would go from conceding vaccination mandates aren’t the federal government’s role to later ushering in these vaccination mandates.

The rulings from Judge Schelp and the Federal Appeals Court only happened because Americans stood up and sued accordingly. Biden wasn’t counting on this, and there’s no doubt his administration is surprised also.

Amid a backlash against the mandates when they were first announced, Biden told Republicans who warned of legal action to “have at it.” Meanwhile, the White House claimed it was on solid legal ground to implement these mandates.

The courts believe otherwise.