Biden’s Disapproval Rate Continues To Skyrocket

Considering that his popularity rating continues to plummet, how low can Joe Biden go, and his disapproval rate skyrockets with each new poll? According to a recent Trafalgar Group poll, Joe Biden’s popularity in the United States is at an all-time low, with fewer than four out of ten Americans praising his work as vice president.

According to the report’s survey, Americans highly approve of the way he is conducting his job as president, while 52% strongly disapprove. On the other hand, Americans are wary of him leaving because of who is waiting in the wings to take his place.

Moreover, According to a Quinnipiac survey, 34% of Americans approve of Joe Biden’s economic management, but who is this 34%, and what could make them like him? Senator Lindsey Graham’s questions, who are they, and what do they think of his economic policies?

Joe Biden has a 38 percent approval rating, with 39 percent support for the economy and 34 percent approval for foreign policy, but just 23 percent approval for “the situation at the Mexican border,” a.k.a. the Biden Border Crisis. According to a Quinnipiac survey, Biden received a total approval rating of 38 percent for the economy, 34 percent for foreign policy and immigration, and 23 percent for border security.

In the most recent episode of Let’s Go, Joe, the colossal guy, flipped off the president of the United States after hitting a single number from a man in Nantucket. However, the winner of the Joe poll, which will not be disclosed, was a man who disliked President Biden and flicked him off. Brandon, let’s go!

Joe Biden, the President of the United States, is a gift that keeps on giving. Unfortunately, he continues to try to ruin the wonderful nation as we know it. America, Joe Biden. The present keeps on giving, a gift that provides hope in a man who wants to wipe them all out.