Biden’s Disinformation Board Experiencing Huge Backlash

The Biden Administration decided to create a new Ministry of Truth within the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to police information online that they disagree with. And there is a large contingent of Republicans who are taking on this affront to America head on.

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) absolutely destroyed Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas as he, expectedly, continues to call in to question the un-American Ministry of Truth.

Jason Miyares, who is the new Attorney General of Virginia and a new breed of Republican who always plays on offense, is leading 20 Attorneys General opposing the Board.

The Biden administration is trying to claim that the board will work in a neutral, fair and bi-partisan manner. This is hard to believe, given that the new director of the board stated that concerns about Critical Race Theory in public schools are Republican disinformation.

Free speech used to be a liberal value. Democrats used to object to centralized government hiding information from the people. Some of the most famous journalists in history were those who reported on government falsehood. Now, it is conservatives who are the champions of free speech, while the left tries to silence dissenting voices. Even Mitt Romney, who wants a direct war with Russia, thinks it’s a bad idea.

The left is scrambling because they are losing control over the narrative. The legacy media has become a propaganda arm of the Democrat party, but it is dying. When mainstream outlets launch a streaming service and cannot even get 10,000 subscribers — CNN+ — you know that the traditional ways of getting information are dying.

The reason the left is so enamored with censorship is that they cannot win a fair fight in the arena of ideas. People are waking up and beginning to dissent.