Biden’s Double Standards On Protesters In America Will Backfire

In the First Amendment of the United States Constitution, the right to assemble peaceably is very well-documented. In America, people are well within their rights to gather, protest, and know their issues with things happening in the world.

However, people are not entitled to loot, riot, burn down property, take baseball bats to cars, etc. Somewhere along the line, people have confused the right to peaceably assemble with the right to riot and commit crimes when they don’t get their way.

The former is a constitutionally protected right, while the latter is not. Nevertheless, one of the people who seem to have missed this entirely is none other than Joe Biden himself, as American Thinker points out.

Many Americans have noted the double standard to which protesters are treated when the Democrats call the shots.

Individuals who breached the Capitol on January 6, 2021, remain in jail to this day. There have been reports that these folks have their constitutional rights denied and overlooked. Some of these folks are even being denied legal representation and treated as prisoners of war.

However, the same cannot be said for members of Antifa who have burned down buildings and cars, thrown explosives at law enforcement officers, and otherwise committed a series of crimes.

Democrats haven’t hesitated to let Antifa off the hook with few to no punishments. Many Antifa members have been released from custody without bail or only given slaps on the wrist, despite attempting to inflict serious bodily harm onto police officers and others.

Of course, what Biden doesn’t understand is that far-leftists should not get a free pass just because they’re on “his side.” Biden doesn’t know that the law must be equally applied to everyone, regardless of whether or not they share the president’s political views.

At this time, Biden’s approval ratings have fallen so low. They’re in the 30% range. Law-abiding Americans see what’s happening as public safety is coming under attack. They also see how Biden and the Democrats have no problem with lawlessness, as long as the people engaging in criminal acts are leftists.

For these reasons and many others that Democrats are not going to do so well in the White House. Without a Democrat majority in Congress, Biden will have significantly less pull to pass various bills.

In 2024, Biden will also find himself all but guaranteed to be voted out of office.