Biden’s Failure On COVID Testing Rippling Out Nationwide

For the longest time now, Joe Biden and his allies have been trying to make Americans believe things about COVID that are not true.

For starters, they’ve been trying to make the country believe that if everyone got vaccinated against COVID, the virus would go away. However, as we all know, this is false. For starters, many completely vaccinated and boosted people are still testing positive.

Meanwhile, states like Vermont, with the highest vaccination rates in America, deal with new explosions in cases. Even the CDC, of all entities, has been forced to acknowledge that vaccination does not stop transmission.

As new Omicron and new COVID cases materialize, the Biden Administration gradually focuses on testing rather than cases. However, even in the arena of COVID testing, Biden is sorely failing, as Fox News confirms.

In October, the Biden Administration was given a chance to increase access to COVID testing in the United States. However, they rejected the advice from health officials to increase levels of COVID testing available to Americans.

However, amid the surge of Omicron, the Biden Administration has been forced to reconsider. They are now trying to emphasize testing. However, this is not working out so well for the White House.

At this time, there are massive backlogs at the sites where Americans are supposed to go to receive their COVID tests. Viral images of lines stemming back several yards have made the rounds on different social media sites.

In stores, the COVID tests available for purchase are quickly disappearing. It has become so much of a problem that many stores are limiting how many COVID tests an individual can purchase at a time.

As usual, the White House is full of excuses, with solutions nowhere to be sound.

Amid the massive lines and backlogs of Americans trying to get tested at COVID testing sites, Biden stated days ago that if the White House were aware of what was going to happen, they would have gone “quicker” and “harder.”

These are just more excuses from a failed administration. It’s all very ironic, seeing as Biden repeatedly insisted throughout 2020 that he had a plan to make COVID go away.

The only thing Biden’s done regarding COVID has magnified the problem.