Biden’s Forgetful Bizarre Moments

Joe Biden could get out of the snowfall he was caught in yesterday, but many folks in Virginia could not do the same. Despite the recent spike in COVID cases, he had taken a beach vacation in Delaware. The troubles he left behind for him and us are still there.

Today, President Biden gave a briefing on COVID, and he got himself into a lot of hot water. His cognitive problems were not alleviated by his “holiday,” though. Let’s start with the obvious question: What year are we in? Joe Biden appears to be clueless. He seemed to believe that 2020 was when the election was taking place.

That was in 2020 when a new president was in office. In 2022, things aren’t so bad with “Brandon” in the White House. Then there’s Biden’s outright deception, in which he claims that “the unvaccinated continues to be a pandemic.” This claim is false since many high-profile vaccinated individuals have been infected with the Omicron variant. Even Joe thinks this is a snarky remark. He advises parents to surround their children with people who have received their shots.

Vaccination rates among children are low. Your children should be kept away from other children. Is it logical? There must be something wrong with him. Not to mention that young children have the lowest transmission rates. What on earth does he mean by a bus being socially distant? Is this the “real bus”?

Is the school bus going to administer COVID to the children? The question is, how far has this man gone? Not to mention the fact that it’s difficult to maintain social distance while confined to a bus. Where are the test kits promised to be delivered to American citizens in December?

But Biden declined to answer any questions from the reporters on his modest White House set. During his speech, he advised individuals to “Google” test locations. That’s not “I shall stop the virus.” How about searching Google for a competent man to replace him? Were we to google his name, we wouldn’t find him.