Biden’s Inclusion In Virginia Governor’s Race May Have Subverted McAuliffe

During the Virginia governor’s race of 2021, President Biden made it a point to involve himself. He campaigned for Democrat Terry McAuliffe on multiple occasions and even got Kamala Harris, the vice president, to follow suit. 

For all of Biden’s efforts, though, McAuliffe did not win the Virginia governor’s election. Shortly before 10:00 AM this morning, McAuliffe conceded the race, further acknowledging Republican Glenn Youngkin as the governor-elect.

What’s very interesting is the fact that just as Biden returned from his overseas trip in the wee hours of the morning, Youngkin was addressing his supporters in an acceptance speech. Now, PJ Media has drawn attention to how the president’s involvement may have sabotaged McAuliffe.

Less than 12 months into Biden’s term, he’s managed to become a failing, unpopular president. The failure is evidenced by what’s happening with America’s immigration system and the economy. It’s also made apparent via the supply chain crisis and more. 

Meanwhile, the polls showing majority disapproval of Biden speak to his unpopularity as a president. However, none of this made Biden hold off on stumping for McAuliffe. Despite having dismal approval ratings in Virginia, the president still went to the commonwealth and spoke on McAuliffe. 

While overseas to discuss climate change with other world leaders, Biden boldly proclaimed McAuliffe would win. What the 46th president missed in his prediction is that his winning the state one year prior doesn’t override his present-day low approval numbers in Virginia. 

Biden foolishly opined that whether he’s doing well or poorly, it won’t have any bearing on the race. Well, the president was wrong about this. That’s no shock, though. Biden’s been wrong about a litany of issues, especially since stepping into the White House as president.

Perhaps the truth is finally starting to sink in for Biden. Virginia’s rejection of his favored candidate is a rejection of the Biden presidency and plan altogether. If Virginians wanted more of what’s happening now, they would have elected McAuliffe. Instead, they rejected McAuliffe, and it’s not hard to figure out why. 

Terry McAuliffe would have been just another socialist Democrat in the White House. He would have aided the faction in this country that wants to turn it into a communist nightmare. McAuliffe would have gone after gun rights, parents, school choice, and other issues.

Virginians defeated McAuliffe. Now is the time for the United States to put an end to Biden’s reign.