Biden’s IRS Spying Proposal Sinks To New Depths Of Hypocrisy

One of the most nefarious elements of Joe Biden’s agenda is his plan to beef up the IRS with new agents and funding, only to turn this organization on the American people then.

It is a point House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy talked about in length during his Thursday night through Friday morning filibuster speech on the congressional floor. In a nutshell, Biden’s plan entails getting 87,000 new agents working for the IRS.

Next, the president plans to have these agents oversee the bank accounts of any American citizen who has at least $10,000 flowing through the funds in 12 months. As McCarthy stated on Thursday night, this proposal makes it very clear Democrats don’t trust Americans and are treating the nation’s citizens as guilty until proven innocent.

However, the plot thickens even further. As the hypocrite-in-chief works to weaponize the IRS against American citizens, Biden himself has dodged the IRS on various occasions, as documented by The Federalist.

Shortly after Biden’s tenure as Obama’s vice president, he and his wife put profits earned from book sales and speaking engagements into an S-corporation account. By doing this, the Bidens managed to dodge payroll taxes to the tune of roughly $517,000.

Here’s where the story gets more fascinating, though. According to a new report from the Congressional Research Service, the IRS has support from the federal courts in asserting that S-corporations are not exempt from paying the taxes they owe the government.

To date, the Bidens have not paid taxes on the $517,000 they funneled into an S-corporation account. Despite this, there’s also no news of the IRS planning to audit the president for back taxes he owes to the federal government. Isn’t it funny how that works?

Before the president decides to unleash the IRS on the American public, he should practice what he preaches by getting his back taxes in order. Yet, be that as it may, Americans shouldn’t hold their breath waiting for this to happen.

Biden has a proven pattern of hypocrisy, and the IRS is merely one example. When Biden first got into office, he stopped all construction of the wall on the southern border. Yet, in the same breath, the president is having a wall built around his beach home in Delaware.

At this point, the only means of stopping Biden’s dangerous and hypocritical IRS spying proposal from passing into law is by ensuring the Senate doesn’t vote for it.