Biden’s Latest Incoherent Speech Has The Nation Talking

Joe Biden is not known for the ability to articulate his views clearly. He’s known for precisely the opposite. From the 2020 presidential election to the present day, Biden has repeatedly said things that objectively do not make sense.

For a while, the White House kept Biden from holding direct press conferences in an apparent attempt to stop the 46th president from making a fool of himself. However, after weeks and weeks of public pressure, Biden’s handlers were pressed to loosen the reins and let the president speak.

The more Biden says, the more apparent it becomes why the White House wants to stop him from having unfiltered interactions with the media. Now, PJ Media explains how some of the president’s latest remarks were riddled with errors and profound stupidity.

Earlier in the week, Biden gave a commencement speech at South Carolina State University. To say it went poorly would be an understatement.

Before the college graduates, Biden referred to his vice president as “President Harris.” It happened not just once during the speech but on multiple occasions. It is also far from the first time Biden has stated his second in command is the president of the United States.

Matters got even worse when Biden’s speech moved to the matter of police reform. To this end, the 46th president seemed to confuse a bill known as The George Floyd Justice in Policing Act with the family of George Floyd. It was made apparent when Biden professed he knows the Floyd family and the “George Family Justice Act” pretty well.

Later, Biden spread falsehoods when declaring that a ceaseless “assault” is taking place on the voting rights of Americans. All in all, the South Carolina State University remarks shared by Biden were a nationwide reminder of why he has no business whatsoever being president.

The disastrous display seen at South Carolina State University renewed a series of public debates regarding Biden’s presidential term.

Some Americans believe that Biden will not manage to get through what remains of his presidency. Others believe Democrats in power plan to oust Biden once he gets too clearly out of it, thus installing Kamala Harris as the next president.

However, other people believe Biden will manage to ride things out by relying heavily upon aides and other support systems. Time will tell. Nevertheless, no matter how Biden fares between now and 2024, he is wholly unfit to be president for one second longer.