Biden’s Management Of The Southern Border Has Reached An All-Time Low

The United States southern border is in one of the worst positions it has ever been in. Illegal crossings at the border are surging due to the poor policies of the Biden administration. 

In March, our nation’s vice president was designated as the point person to handle the southern border crisis. However, she has done nothing at all. Harris previously claimed her job entails ascertaining the root cause of unlawful crossings. But the root cause is her boss. 

President Trump had the border under control and handled. Biden came in and messed it all up because, God forbid, he admitted Trump did something right. 

Unfortunately, the southern border is now taking yet another turn for the worse. The Next News Network has confirmed the 46th president is implementing additional measures to make the situation at the southern border even direr.

The additional trouble at the southern border ultimately boils down to the authoritarian COVID vaccine mandate the president remains dead set on pushing through. At this point, more than 50% of Border Patrol agents could face termination because they do not have the COVID vaccine. 

It all traces back to the medical mandates Biden’s trying to force on the country, despite the harm they’re having economically and in other aspects. The 46th president doesn’t care, though. Biden is pushing for these folks to be fired despite the severe demand for their work on our nation’s southern border.

Now, Texas Governor Greg Abbott has already stated he will fire any Border Patrol agents the 46th president terminated for refusal to take the COVID vaccine. It softens the blow for the individual agents who may lose their job. 

However, for the president to do anything that would jeopardize the level of security at the southern border is ill-advised beyond words. It would worsen an already present national security crisis, merely because Biden’s ego can’t take people saying no to his mandate.

Biden has consistently neglected his duty as president of the United States to enforce our country’s immigration laws. He’s also flip-flopped on whether or not his administration plans to make payments to individuals caught illegally crossing our border.

If Biden does proceed to fire Border Patrol agents over the COVID vaccine at such a time as this, he must be impeached and ejected from office. Already, Biden should be impeached and removed for abdicating his duty regarding the southern border. 

Actively firing Border Patrol agents while the southern border is in tatters and overrun with illegal immigrants is a farce. It cannot stand.