Biden’s New Press Secretary Is Historic — But Not for Reasons White House Claims

President Joe Biden’s selection of Karine Jean-Pierre as the new White House Press Secretary Thursday is making headlines. However, it is notable for details other than what the left wing media reports.

Jean-Pierre serves as the administration’s principal deputy press secretary and now replaces Jen Psaki, who is stepping down to work for MSNBC. Jean-Pierre becomes the first Black person and first openly LGBTQ person in that position.

Jean-Pierre spent time as a political analyst for NBC and MSNBC. She also worked in former President Obama’s Office of Political Affairs and held positions in both of his successful presidential campaigns.

However, it is her long-term relationship with high-profile CNN reporter Suzanne Malveaux as well as past associations and comments that are drawing some attention. Jean-Pierre’s promotion comes mere months after the infamous Cuomo brothers and their tangled relationships with CNN created a scandal that made heads roll.

In his announcement, President Joe Biden praised her for having the “experience, talent, and integrity needed for this difficult job.” He also could not resist a thinly veiled swipe at the previous administration. The president commended the departing Psaki for both “raising the bar” and “returning decency, respect, and decorum” to the White House Briefing Room.

It is noteworthy that Jean-Pierre previously served as Chief Public Affairs Officer for the radical leftist group When the late Sen. John McCain, hardly a right-wing conservative firebrand, calls you “the most radical left-wing organization,” you are far to the left.

And when the notoriously moderate McCain calls for you to be “thrown out of the country,” it’s time for some soul searching.

This is the same Jean-Pierre who just three years ago railed against the American-Israel Public Affairs committee as “Islamophobic.” She also labeled the lobby as “antithetical to progressive values.”

Perhaps she meant it as a compliment.

Biden’s choice as the administration’s mouthpiece proclaimed that former President Trump wants to hang a “whites only” sign on the Statue of Liberty. She went on to call Trump a “life-long racist.”

It is true that Karine Jean-Pierre is a historic appointment as White House press secretary. However, the reasons trumpeted by the media are not the most noteworthy ones. Rather, it’s the close ties and background of the appointee that should make Americans sit up and take notice.