Biden’s ‘Pandering To Minority Voters’ Ends As It Always Does

In 2022, it is no secret that leftists within the Democrat Party believed they were entitled to get votes from minorities. It has been an issue for years. Democrats pander to minorities during election time. Then, once they’ve gotten elected into their desired positions, they carry on with business as usual and typical pay-to-play politics.

As it turns out, Democrats have been steadily losing minority support. They’ve mainly lost support from black Americans, Hispanics, and others. During the 2020 presidential election, Biden infamously pandered to Hispanic and Latino voters by playing the song Despatico on his mobile phone during a campaign event.

Biden also tried pandering to the black community by declaring that any voters who cast their ballots for President Trump “ain’t black.” It backfired on Biden big time, causing him to take a lot of blowbacks.

Now, at the rate Biden’s going, his presidency negatively impacts black Americans, as PJ Media points out.

Democrats have been putting out a false narrative that Republicans are racists who hate minorities and want to return society to the Jim Crow era for quite some time.

The left constantly repeats these lies because Democrats know they cannot compete with Republicans regarding ideas, policies, and strategies. Fearmongering is, therefore, all they have left.

In Biden’s case, however, there’s been a 6.5% increase in unemployment in the black community, while other minority groups have seen modest decreases in their unemployment rates. It is well-documented by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Of course, this comes as inflation, labor shortages, and COVID vaccine mandates in the workplace have dreadful impacts on the economy. To date, the Biden Administration has yet to lay out a single plan to get the economy under control.

Last week, Biden bragged about the decline of unemployment in the United States. He left out, though, that the unemployment rate on the books only notes individuals who have marked themselves as jobless.

It doesn’t account for jobless folks who haven’t marked themselves as such. Therefore, the black unemployment rate could be much higher than currently reported.

Joe Biden has failed Americans of all backgrounds and racial demographics on every level. He’s abandoned his promises to be a leader for all Americans and has subsequently inflamed partisan divides.

The last several jobs reports under Biden’s watch have fallen far short of forecasts by economists. Meanwhile, the 46th president continues to prove that he’s utterly incapable of admitting when he or his administration has made mistakes.

Unfortunately, everyday Americans are the ones left having to suffer the consequences.