Biden’s ‘Plan To Destroy’ America Is Taking Shape And It Is ‘Breaking Bad Better’

Tanking the economy is not enough for the inactive anti-President Joe Biden. The Breaking Bad Better plan is on the rocks, and he needs to reprimand the Democratic coalition on their contributions to a crumbling legal system, failing schools, and illegal voting. Biden is almost 80, and he will not get a real character makeover.

Biden does what he is told. When he signed the “Foundation Investment and Jobs Act,” which was supposed to be an accomplishment, all it did was send money to Democrat donors. Biden is supposed to be the lovable uncle who dabbles in corruption and cronyism. Anyone foolish enough to entertain the possibility that Joe Biden could help the country as another Democrat con job took in President.

The 2020 pandemic, lockdowns, financial collapse, and George Floyd race riots allowed the liberal media to push a narrative that would get rid of President Trump. Then they used FBI informants like Ray Epps to stoke a riot on Capitol Hill and turn it into a revolt and insurrection on their news sources to portray Republicans as the lawless and violent party. When 400 people entered the Capitol Hill building and some vandalized it, only Ashli Babbitt was shot and killed. That is not a coup by any definition. But the Democrats and the media do not read dictionaries. Therefore words mean what they tell you they mean. Shut up!

The United States had more predictable harmony and success under Donald Trump, but that was not enough for the Democrats. Instability and chaos is a ladder that Joe Biden climbed to the White House. Instead of helping America recover, he stokes fear and division with statist overreach and attempts to dominate your life.

Biden will never be a Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, or Lyndon Johnson progressive and liberal icon of Big Government expansion. He is not a leader. Biden trusted the Obama team, which installed him when the Democratic Iowa Caucus was won by Bernie Sanders. Democrats could not have that, and an overt communist uprising was not part of their plan.

Compelling managers to terminate their unvaccinated workers is a disaster. Thankfully the US Supreme Court decided to halt the Biden mandates, even a poorly worded decision. Adding $1.9 trillion in COVID-19 assistance to a $3 trillion spending bill will only tank the economy faster. Breaking Bad Better will create hardship and pain. But that is part of the plan. Pretending that trillion-dollar spending costs nothing will only work with the low information voters and suburban women who got Biden elected. The rest of America is onto this scam.

COVID-19 tests are not coming from the Biden-Harris administration. Closing US pipelines like the Keystone XL will further drive fuel prices, bankrupting our nation. Using 50 million barrels from the US Strategic Petroleum Reserve did not reduce gas prices. In contrast, Biden pushes Europe to expand Russian pipeline projects like the Nord Stream to funnel his international criminal friends. It is the plan.

The US military executed a sad and haphazard withdrawal from Afghanistan, thanks to the mismanagement of Biden, Milley, and Austin. That is part of the plan. The supply chain emergency and creating a food crisis are part of the plan.

Joe Biden is not in charge of his faculties, let alone the Biden-Harris Administration. Acting like this $3-6 trillion boondoggle of a spending plan is well thought out is idiocy, but it is part of the plan.