Biden’s Press Secretary Slammed For Big Blunder

As the American economy suffers, jobs aren’t too far behind. Amid the current recession, many employers are having to find ways to cut their losses and avoid going under completely.

In many cases, this is causing workers to be laid off during times when they most need their jobs. Furthermore, hiring rates are slowing down as companies can’t afford to take on extra costs.

Unfortunately, given the current trajectory of the economy, even more layoffs are expected to happen. Though when it comes to jobs in the nation, the White House wants Americans to believe an alternate version of events, as opposed to what’s actually happening.

This has led to White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre being slammed for spreading outright falsehoods about the Biden administration’s role in job creation.

An Alternate Reality From the White House
On Friday, Jean-Pierre raised eyebrows when she alleged the White House created almost “ten thousand million jobs” since the current administration took over. The press secretary described this as “the success” that Americans are constantly asking to see.

In actuality, however, Biden hasn’t created “ten thousand million jobs” or anywhere close to this number. “Ten thousand million” jobs would be ten billion jobs, which would be more US jobs than people on the planet.

Social media erupted with people slamming Jean-Pierre for being not only dishonest, but also ineffective at her job. Conservatives warned the White House is simply making things up as it goes along and expecting Americans to be foolish enough to believe it.

Friday’s flub comes as part of a pattern for the White House press secretary. She’s frequently made demonstrably untrue claims, leaving Americans questioning her levels of preparation and competence.

What the Biden Administration Isn’t Talking About
To date, many of the jobs Biden’s taken credit for are simply people returning to positions that were previously shuttered, due to COVID-19 restrictions. This, alone, inflates the documented jobs “created” under the current administration.

Secondly, Jean-Pierre has not spoken at length about the layoffs many Americans are experiencing. A significant factor in these layoffs has been the inflation crisis created by a Democratic-led federal government that repeatedly spends and prints money.

All things considered, Americans shouldn’t expect the White House to change its rhetoric anytime soon.