Biden’s Reelection Bid Tanks Approval Rating, Poll Reveals

A recent poll has revealed a significant drop in President Joe Biden’s approval rating, with former Clinton strategist Mark Penn attributing the decline to Biden’s reelection announcement. The poll, conducted by Washington Post and ABC News, found that Biden’s approval rating plummeted to 36% from 42% in February. Penn, the Stagwell Group President, and Managing Partner, discussed the startling findings on Fox News’ America’s Newsroom with anchors Bill Hemmer and Dana Perino.

Penn explained that the loss of support mainly stemmed from Democrats, stating, “When he drops here from 42 to 36 in approval in this poll, that’s all Democrats who are jumping ship and saying, ‘I don’t approve of the presidency he’s doing.’” He expressed his surprise, noting that approval ratings typically increase after a candidate announces their run for office. “You’re supposed to go up when you announce, not down,” Penn remarked.

The strategist pointed to Biden’s campaign announcement as the trigger for the drop in approval. He observed that less than 40% of Democrats supported Biden’s reelection bid. Penn argued that the rushed announcement, which was initially slated for July, deprived people of the chance to evaluate Biden’s performance before he “froze the field” within the Democratic Party. He warned that the party faces a “potential Titanic” scenario, with its leaders now forced to back Biden despite his dismal approval numbers.

The same poll also highlighted concerns about Biden’s mental and physical fitness for office. A staggering 63% of Americans doubted his mental sharpness, while 62% questioned his physical health. Additionally, in a hypothetical general election match-up, former President Donald Trump leads Biden 49% to 42%.

Another recent poll by Gallup reveals that Americans’ confidence in Biden, congressional leaders, and Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell in directing the economy is dwindling. The poll, conducted last month and including 1,013 U.S. adults, shows only 35% of respondents expressing confidence in Biden’s economic leadership, while 34% express confidence in Democratic congressional leaders and 38% in Republican leaders. Additionally, Powell’s confidence rating stands at 36%. These approval ratings have all decreased since last year.

The poll highlights a partisan divide, with 77% of Democrats confident in Biden’s economic leadership, compared to a meager 5% of Republicans. Amid ongoing discussions over the debt ceiling the U.S. exceeded in January, Biden is meeting with top lawmakers to address the issue. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen warns that emergency measures to prevent default could run out by June 1, urging swift action to avoid severe economic consequences. While the White House advocates for a “clean” debt ceiling hike, Republicans demand accompanying spending cuts.

These results paint a troubling picture for the Democratic Party as they face the possibility of a failing reelection campaign. With most Americans voicing concerns about Biden’s capacity to serve another term, it remains to be seen how the party will navigate these choppy waters in the lead-up to the 2024 elections.