Biden’s Tone-Deaf Response To Kentucky’s Problems Is Astounding

Over the weekend, Kentucky suffered horrible consequences at the hands of tornadoes.

Many residents of the Bluegrass State are without homes, jobs, resources, etc. According to Governor Andy Beshear, the dozens of currently known casualties will likely increase as searches for individuals remain underway.

It’s going to take a lot of time for Kentucky to recover from the tornadoes, loss of life, and other tragedies currently gripping their state. At such a time as this, Americans might imagine the president of the United States would be focused on providing relief to the community.

Sadly, this is not the case for Joe Biden. As Twitchy reports, the 46th president is more invested in getting up COVID vaccine booster shot centers set up in the state ravaged by natural disasters.

On Monday, Biden held a press conference to discuss a series of matters. At one point, the president announced he’d be visiting Kentucky on Wednesday the 15th. One might automatically (and reasonably) assume the president’s visit is to show solitary to Kentucky residents. However, this is not the case.

By Biden’s admission, his visit to the Bluegrass State will center on putting up sites for state residents to get their booster shots against coronavirus. The first two shots were not so effective after all.

The 46th president was rightfully condemned on social media. Many Twitter users noted that in light of Kentucky residents picking up the pieces of their lives from tornadoes, the last thing they’re focused on is boosters.

Americans also pointed out that instead of Biden trying to set up sites for booster shots against COVID, he should prioritize water, shelter, and food. It slipped the president’s mind.

Should we expect any better from Biden at this point?

On multiple occasions, the White House has been known to step in when they think Biden’s going off on a tangent or saying something he’d be better off not speaking. However, it’s interesting that the White House did not step in or brief Biden ahead of this press conference.

In any event, this tone-deaf response to what’s happening in Kentucky right now is a prime example of the issues that arise when an unfit individual becomes president. Only God knows what all Biden will do while in Kentucky on Wednesday.

Quite frankly, the people of the Bluegrass State might be better off if Biden just stayed in the White House with his handlers to look after him.