Biden’s War On The Economy Cannot Be Explained Away

The White House’s persistent and increasingly silly excuses for why the economy is in such a disastrous position are getting very tiring. Days ago, a leftist economist wrote in the New York Times about the unique challenges the economy faces under Biden’s leadership.

This economist also admitted that many Americans are very much aware that inflation is as far from transitory as the north is from the south. Furthermore, this Obama economist warned that Biden’s Build Back Better plan would trigger even higher inflation rates in the years to come.

Nevertheless, the Biden administration has reached an unfortunate place throwing out one lie after the next about the economy and then hoping it sticks. As American Thinker has already pointed out, though, the mess this president has made of the economy cannot be explained away.

The nation’s economy is essentially on life support. It’s on life support because this president and his leftist puppets in Congress are spending money as if it grows on trees.

Inflation is far from the fleeting thing the Biden administration wants to con the country into believing it is. The type of inflation Americans are looking at is now compared to the country’s economic problems during the Jimmy Carter administration.

It’s not just inflation or the devaluing of the U.S. dollar, though. It’s also the supply chain and the series of issues Biden’s created on this front also. A shortage of products and workers is also causing prices to go up even more, as companies like grocery stores attempt to offset the losses.

Any sensible person can look at the economy and see it’s not working and it’s only getting worse. Yet, this president and the incompetents working for him on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue are far from sensible.

Their solution to the various problems with the economy is to spend more money, implement additional policies that crackdown on workers’ abilities to do their jobs, and then codify a communist Green New Deal into law.

It is the excellent plan of the Democrats, and it will only lead to fewer workers, fewer resources, higher interest rates, and less money in the pockets of Americans.

Putting an end to Biden’s war on the economy isn’t just about getting him out of office. It’s also about stopping his buddies in Congress from passing legislation into law that hurts the economy.

Of course, this is where the 2022 midterms come in. If Republicans successfully take back the House of Representatives, the Senate, or both, Biden can forget about getting any more anti-economy, socialist bills through Congress.

Electing Republicans next year is the first step America must take to allow the economy to heal.