Bill Introduced To Prohibit ‘No-Knock Raids’ On Gun Owners

Rep. Bob Good (R-VA) proposed legislation Tuesday that would prohibit “no-knock raids” by the FBI and ATF in conjunction with local law enforcement on gun owners.

While it was once virtually unthinkable that the federal government would attempt to enforce overreaching gun control measures through these aggressive actions, the Biden administration knows no such bounds.

The Federal Agent Responsibility Act was co-introduced by Rep. Scott Perry (R-PA) and is intended to prevent these particularly dangerous raids from being carried out.

Good’s press release emphasized that the representative is attempting to counteract federal actions concerning the ATF’s controversial new pistol stabilizer rule. The Republican said it could “open the door for increased coordination between the ATF and local agents.”

In turn, these agencies may “perform no-knock warrants on law-abiding gun owners.”

Good declared that the Biden White House is weaponizing every facet of the executive branch to target “the rights of all Americans.” The stabilizer brace rule potentially made felons of millions of U.S. citizens, and his measure is intended to thwart a potentially lethal showdown.

He stated that the law-abiding gun owners he represents and across the nation “should not live in fear that federal agents will come knocking on their door to confiscate their guns.”

Good’s bill, he said, will offer a check on the White House and guarantee that no-knock raids are not utilized “to violate the constitutional rights of law-abiding citizens.”

The legislation acknowledged an exception for a risk of “serious, imminent life-threatening injury” to law enforcement officers of others.

The proposed law is part of a larger overall pushback against Biden’s ATF by the National Rifle Association along with other organizations and 25 GOP-led states. The broad consortium filed suit against the administration to halt the new federal regulations on pistol braces.

The ATF recently rewrote rules concerning pistol stabilizer braces, an accessory originally designed to enable disabled veterans to continue to enjoy sport shooting. Now they fall under federal regulations and the agency’s jurisdiction.

This led to Good’s legislation. With the stroke of a pen, the Biden administration potentially made criminals out of millions of legal gun owners. This may result in dangerous confrontations, and Good is wisely attempting to divert these from happening.