Bill Maher Gets Brutally Honest And Criticizes AOC

Bill Maher criticizes Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the current Democratic Party for their embrace of woke culture. According to Maher, “Wokeness” is a joke because it conjures images of individuals who wake up upset and follow Twitter’s commands.

According to Maher, the Democratic Party attempts to pander to a demographic that cannot vote, making the party undesirable to registered voters. He worries that the party alienates white, non-college-educated voters, who now account for a sizable section of the electorate in the 2022 and 2024 elections.

“Vote Democrat because white people stink,” Maher claims he has ruled out as a campaign slogan for the 2024 presidential election. Because “nobody loves a snob,” 62 percent of Americans believe Democrats are out of touch with the party, according to Maher.

“Don’t say that if a worker brings you a speech that says ‘menstruating humans’ instead of women,” Maher warns. Nobody loves a snob, says Maher. In the rustbelt, your microaggression culture isn’t tolerated.

In response to James Carville’s claim that “dumb wokeness” was to blame for Democrats’ defeats, Maher criticized Ocasio-support Cortez’s of the woke culture. The media’s portrayal of Virginia’s gubernatorial election, according to Maher, led to voters’ alienation from the party.

“Wokeness is virtually solely employed by elderly folks these days,” Maher retorted. People like you (Ocasio-Cortez) coined a slogan not long ago and proudly displayed every march since.

Maher chastised Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for voting against a $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill that would have “enhanced their constituents’ lives.” He also criticized the far-support left for canceling culture and teaching critical race theory to youngsters in primary schools.

Parents who reject CRT are backed by Maher, who claims that they do not want their children to learn that “racism is the core of America.” In the aftermath of the #BlackLivesMatter issue, the HBO comedian has been harshly critical of cancel culture and “wokeness.”