Bill Maher is Holding Twitter Accountable For Its Mistakes

When Twitter first began, it was a platform that permitted free and open speech. People were allowed to tweet out their viewpoints and thoughts without being censored, shadowbanned, or yanked down from the platform altogether.

Then, as time passed, Twitter started ramping up censorship. Conservative and right-wing users found their accounts losing engagement and otherwise being censored by the site’s algorithms.

Next, Twitter started suspending right-leaning accounts for the slightest infractions while allowing left-wing Twitter users to say just about anything with impunity.

Exasperation with Twitter’s censorship habits is a huge reason why Tesla CEO Elon Musk ended up buying out the company. Now, talk show host Bill Maher is explaining how and where Twitter went wrong, as documented by Red State.

Twitter’s Fatal Errors

On Friday, Maher spoke during a panel about how Twitter lost its way. According to the talk show host, Twitter “failed” when it censored the Hunter Biden laptop story, only for the story to be proven as accurate a little over one year later.

Next, Maher pointed out another example of Twitter’s failures. He noted the site’s decision to block and censor posts mentioning that COVID came from a lab. This, just like the Hunter Biden laptop story, has also proven to be accurate.

Hunter Biden’s corruption and the COVID lab claims are far from the only examples of things that Twitter labeled as “misinformation,” only for them to later come out as true.

At this point, Twitter has dug itself into a hole with blatant bias and an inability to apply its rules to everyone. Only under the leadership of Musk does Twitter stand a chance of rebranding and changing its way.

The List Keeps Piling Up

Since Musk managed to acquire Twitter, it’s still clear that people working for the company haven’t learned their lessons. There are countless reports of Twitter employees expressing their dismay with Musk’s ownership of the platform.

Contrary to left-wing narratives, this dismay has nothing to do with unhappiness about billionaires owning large companies. If this was truly the issue, then Democrats would have been up in arms over Jeff Bezos buying the Washington Post back in 2013.

What Twitter employees are really upset about is that under Musk’s ownership, the site isn’t going to shut down right-of-center ideas and viewpoints. The only speech that Democrats believe belongs on Twitter is the speech they agree with.

Thankfully, this will very soon be changing at Twitter. Musk’s acquisition of the company comes as the culture war of free speech vs. censorship continues to heat up.