Black Support for Biden Falls amid Worsening Economic Situation

According to a recent poll, Black Americans’ support for President Biden has fallen since he’s taken office. This decline in support comes as gas prices continue to soar and inflation continues to wreak havoc on the American economy.

While roughly 9 in 10 Black voters supported him in the 2020 election, the Washington Post-Ipsos poll released on Saturday shows that only 60% of Black Americans think Biden is keeping most of his major campaign promises.

The poll also shows that only 66% of Black Americans think Biden is sympathetic to the problems of Black people in the United States — a significant decrease from 74% in 2020.

Along with a decline in support for the president, the poll also indicates that Black voters are much less enthusiastic about upcoming midterms than they were about the 2020 election. While 77% said the presidential election mattered “a great deal” to them in June 2020, only 49% now say the same thing about the upcoming November election.

The number of Black voters who say they are “absolutely certain to vote” has also dropped from 85% in 2020 to 62% this year. This 23-point drop in enthusiasm is larger than the decline seen in other groups of Americans.

Black Americans represent an essential element of the Democratic Party’s constituency, and may have played a key role in propelling Biden to the presidency in 2020. In Georgia, higher than normal levels of Black voting helped to secure the state for Biden, which previously hadn’t gone to a Democratic candidate since 1992.

Amid falling satisfaction with the president among the Black community, some Democrats now worry about how the party will fare in the upcoming midterms.

Much of this downturn in satisfaction among Black Americans and the general public centers around continuing economic concerns. According to a recent poll, Americans cite the economy, inflation and rising gas prices as the most important issues for deciding how they will vote in the upcoming election.

Of those polled, only 37% approved of how the president was handling the country’s economic recovery.