Bloomberg Warns Democrats To Listen To Voters Or Face “Wipe-Out” This Fall

Former New York City Democratic Mayor Michael Bloomberg has a stark warning for his party colleagues: change direction soon or prepare for a “wipe-out” in this fall’s midterm elections. On his Bloomberg News website, an essay published Tuesday touts his support for the national Democratic Party while predicting doom and gloom without a rapid “course correction.”

Bloomberg notes the seismic shifts in San Francisco and Virginia as a call to arms for liberals on the wrong side of school-related issues. Suppose the electorate in America’s most liberal hotbed voted overwhelmingly to recall far-left school board members over issues that are hardly unique to the Bay Area. What does that say for other parts of the country facing nearly identical issues without the primarily radical voting base of San Francisco?

He warns that COVID-related classroom closings, a laser-focus on politically correct social engineering, and moving away from merit-based programs that honor actual achievements are hot-button issues from coast to coast, and Democrats are consistently positioned on the opposite side of parents.

The former Mayor also pointed to the wave that swept Terry McAuliffe into the Virginia governorship as a wake-up call for Democrats. Even as shrill leftist commentators from all over the woke media such as MSNBC’s Joy Reid bellowed about “white supremacy” and “racism” as reasons for McAuliffe’s triumph, Bloomberg acknowledges the upset came because parents are frustrated with school administrators and teacher’s unions’ focus on social justice and culture wars.

When it was glaringly apparent that reopening schools were safe, Democrats only showed urgency in pushing Critical Race Theory and renaming schools instead of ending poorly conceived so-called “remote learning.”

Polling numbers back up Bloomberg’s dire warnings for Democrats. A recent Rasmussen poll shows Republicans on the generic ballot hold a 13-point advantage, and a just-released Emerson College tally finds a nine-point advantage for the GOP.

And if that’s not enough to jar the far left into acknowledging the need for a change of direction, perhaps alarm bells being rung by their rank and file will serve notice that parents have concerns that need addressing. Party members in rural Pennsylvania report that the Democratic brand is so “toxic” in their communities that they hesitate to reveal their party affiliation, much less campaigning for obviously-doomed candidates.

As further evidence of Bloomberg’s assertions, Democratic Rep. Jim Cooper of Tennessee decided to ditch running for reelection this fall and has a clear warning for his party. Cooper says the Democrats face nothing less than “extinction” in rural America.

Promises of blazing the countryside with high-speed internet will only get you so many votes. But are the Democrats listening? Don’t hold your breath.