Bolivian Military Storms Presidential Palace In Apparent Coup Attempt

On Wednesday, the Bolivian military stormed the presidential palace in what appeared to be an attempted coup. Soldiers took control of the main square in the capital, causing civilians to flee. Video footage showed an armored truck ramming into the palace as soldiers forced their way inside.

President Luis Arce had earlier warned of “irregular” military movements in the capital. Presidential Minister María Nela Prada confirmed that the military was seizing control and attempting a coup, urging people to defend democracy. General Juan José Zúñiga, head of Bolivia’s army, indicated on local TV that the military was diverging from the government’s protocol, stating, “There will be a new cabinet of ministers, surely things will change, but our country cannot continue like this any longer.”

The coup attempt quickly unraveled as Arce’s supporters flocked to the scene and opposed the military. The soldiers retreated, and Zúñiga was subsequently arrested by police. Before his arrest, Zúñiga made the bizarre claim that Arce had orchestrated the coup himself to boost his popularity.

President Arce addressed a crowd of supporters after the failed coup, expressing gratitude to the Bolivian people. “Thank you to the Bolivian people,” Arce said. “Let democracy live on.”

This dramatic event underscores the ongoing political instability in Bolivia, where tensions between the government and the military have reached a critical point. The swift response from Arce’s supporters highlights the deep divisions within the country, but also a strong desire to maintain democratic governance.