Boy King Justin Trudeau ‘Backs Down’ After Beating And Arresting Protesters

After his Gestapo beat and harassed the truckers in the Freedom Convoy protesting in Ottawa, Canada, Trudeau withdrew the enactment of the Emergency Powers Act. Earlier, his finance minister gleefully announced that she would seize the accounts of people who supported this protest and demanded their freedom be respected. What will happen to the people whose property was taken and whose lives have been harmed?

Canadian Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland said that the motivation behind freezing the records was to persuade individuals who participated in the occupation to exercise common sense. But the motivation of the Freedom Convoy was to get the government to exercise common sense when it comes to COVID-19 lockdowns, mandates, and travel restrictions. Now banks can release the accounts. So much for persuasion.

Prime Minister Trudeau received a vote in the largely liberal Canadian Parliament supporting his draconian measures. But his support seems to turn this week. The emergency powers were limited to restoring order in the capital city as conservative protests damaged the economy. He supports BLM and liberal protests that destroy cities and do not coordinate or use police powers to stop them.

But, now Trudeau has disavowed these crisis powers, including freezing accounts of people who were doxed for supporting barricades. Of course, he did not need to acquire a court request or warrant under Canadian emergency powers. The Boy King became dictator for a week.

Trudeau thinks that by stomping the blue-collar working Canadians, he can now end the seldom utilized crisis powers, and everything is fantastic. Since late January, these powers were in effect for nine days after weeks of protests that shut down intersections in Ottawa. He had a presser and stated that because it is no longer a crisis, the central government will end the utilization of the Emergencies Act.

He believes that current regulations and local laws are adequate to protect individuals. Somehow, these laws could not deal with citizens who want to voice their opinions and financially support like-minded individuals. Trudeau’s administration fired an employee for giving $100 to truckers. The House of Commons supported the Emergencies Act on Monday. But, resistance was growing as their constituents reamed out these members.

Trudeau said that the utilization of these powers would be limited. Now the Trudeau army withdraws from Ottawa. Pierre Poilievre, a Conservative, thanked all who battled this maltreatment of force and pushed back on Trudeau’s tyranny.

The Parliament was ready to voice dissatisfaction. But would it go as far as rejecting Justin Trudeau in a vote of no confidence? Trudeau’s use of the Emergencies Act (EA) was a shocking development and escalation.

The Canadian government was stressed about the potential uprising of Canadian truck drivers and nationalists. The Canadian Parliament seems to have second thoughts about endorsing a petty dictator. It has begun discussing whether to endorse the EA in the future. Leo Housakos, a member, drove the charge in the Senate. He gave an energetic speech, proving that his nation is profoundly isolated. He said that the PM must commit to putting the country’s interests over his interests, his party, and hardliner legislators.

These same people voted for Trudeau and allowed his power to grow. The real question is: Will Canada check his ego and shut him down for good or allow him to reposition himself and take over more of the nation he swore to preserve?