British Take New Measures Against Illegal Immigration

For quite some time, opponents of illegal immigration have been referred to as xenophobic, hateful, and bigoted. This critique often comes from Democrats, who tend to be in favor of unfettered illegal immigration, along with amnesty to boot.

Unfortunately, this has led to America’s southern border being out of control. While Democrats minimize the damage of illegal immigration, other nations are seeing the writing on the wall.

As a matter of fact, in Britain, the government is taking surprising new steps to push back against illegal immigration in the country.

A Controversial Decision
According to Britain’s immigration minister, the government is planning to have migrants seeking asylum relocated to rural communities. This arrives as each month sees thousands of new migrants looking to gain entry into the United Kingdom as a whole.

However, people living in Britain’s rural communities are not too pleased with reports that illegal immigrants will be discarded there. According to some concerned citizens, they have already been burdened with enough migrants who want asylum.

In reaction to this, Britain’s immigration minister claims that smaller towns and cities will also receive more asylum seekers, rather than just rural communities. However, for the people who will have to live with the day-to-day consequences of the government’s decision, this is not good enough.

Britain’s planned transfers of migrants follow France making similar decisions. As recently as September, the French government called for having individuals seeking asylum settle into rural communities.

Back in 2016, the German government also floated this idea.

Dangerous on All Fronts?
Many communities in the United Kingdom to receive high volumes of asylum seekers report safety issues.

For instance, numerous folks in these areas are nervous about leaving their homes or walking on roads. This is being reported in communities with just two in ten individuals being asylum seekers.

If Britain seriously increases the amount of migrants in rural communities, small towns, and small cities, there is no telling how much more deterioration may occur.

At the end of the day, the problems facing Britain today simply magnify the danger and unpractical nature of illegal immigration. Sadly, people who will be facing the worst impacts of this are not the officials who allowed illegal immigration to become this out of control.