Buttigieg’s Husband Slams CNN Host For Urging Dems to ‘Forget Pronouns’

CNN host Fareed Zakaria wrote an op-ed for the Washington Post titled “Forget Pronouns: Democrats need to become the party of building things.” Needless to say, the Thursday column built a strong backlash for the commentator.

By the next day, the Post deleted the “Forget Pronouns” part of the title, but the woke mob still had pitchforks sharpened and torches burning.

Zakaria’s crime? The insightful statement that Democrats need to “become the party that gets things done, builds things and makes government work for people.” He added that this is much more important to Americans in 2022 than using the “right pronouns.”

This wisdom did not sit well with Chasten Buttigieg, husband of Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg. He tweeted in response that using proper pronouns is “free, easy, and kind” and chastised Zakaria for the “wildly inappropriate” advice to throw away a group of Americans in order to win.

Buttigieg added that Democrats can fix roads and build bridges — his husband of course is in charge of that — while making other’s lives easier.

Not sure how calling a man “she” or one person “they” makes anyone’s life easier, but okay.

Jaclyn Moore, a writer for the blockbuster classic film “Dear White People,” lamented that he/she is “exhausted” and “demoralized.” The message Moore received from the WaPo column is that trans people’s existence is “politically inconvenient.”

Zakaria no doubt responded to the startling New York Times/Siena College poll released last week that showed how dismal the landscape is for national Democrats. Their leader, President Joe Biden, has an approval rating of a historically-low 33%.

And the numbers get worse from there.

Only 26% of Democratic voters want him leading their party’s presidential ticket in 2024. A mere 13% of Americans believe the nation is on the right track, and exactly 6% of Democrats under 30 want Biden to run for reelection.

When does 94% of a group of millions feel the same way about anything?

Zakaria’s message was mostly right, even though his detractors were also correct in saying that Dems can build roads and use “correct pronouns.” But pronouns are not what 90% of Americans care about, and that’s where his critics missed the mark by a mile.