California Mom Sues McDonald’s After Teen Daughter Attacked

The mother of a 13-year-old girl attacked by a woman inside a Los Angeles Harbor City, California neighborhood McDonald’s is suing the fast food restaurant and the female assailant.

“I am heartbroken that my innocent daughter was beaten,” said Kassidy Jones’ mother, Angelina Gray. “McDonald’s staff and managers did nothing to intervene. They all stood and watched.”

The incident occurred September 6, when Jones and her classmates went to McDonald’s on their way home from school.

The video, which has been shared on social media, shows Jones being attacked by a woman. The woman can be seen pulling the teen’s hair, forcing her to the ground, and repeatedly hitting her.

Multiple bystanders can be seen watching the attack and some with phones in hand recording. The only person that came to Jones’ defense was a man who was allegedly with the woman, who pulled her away from the teen.

Jones told her mother that she was walking out of the fast food bathroom when the woman locked eyes with her. She said that the woman seemed upset and told her that she fights kids.

“I see her and she’s covered in blood everywhere,” Gray recalled. “She’s crying nonstop. She would not stop crying.”

Ariana Lauifi, 31, of Harbor City, was later arrested September 28 on suspected felony child misconduct.

Jones reported that she does not know Lauifi or why she attacked her.

Jones reported being “okay” after the incident.

“Just trying to keep it together. Still getting to process it,” she said.

The McDonald’s location’s owner Tawnie Blade said in a statement that they are cooperating with police.

“We were horrified to learn about this violent attack, and our thoughts are with Kassidy and her family,” Blade said. “Employees called police when the fight began, and we worked closely with local law enforcement to help with their investigation.”

The family’s attorney Toni Jaramilla said that McDonald’s employees did not do enough to protect Jones.

“McDonald’s has an obligation to provide a clean and safe place for its customers to dine,” she said. “Kassidy’s injuries could have been prevented, and she should have been given some form of help after the attack. This situation should have never happened.”